A Fool-Proof Game Plan for Getting More Cybersecurity Investment

The cybersecurity threat landscape isn’t getting any easier. From AI-driven cybercrime to phishing attacks and the prevalence of personal devices in the workplace, cybersecurity professionals have an increasingly long list of threats to manage.


Protecting corporate data is made harder by a dearth in funding. Yes, 91 percent of companies have increased cybersecurity budgets in 2021, according to IDG research. But IDG also found that new cybersecurity hiring is flat, and many long-range security projects have been sidelined this past year. Security professionals are having to do more with less.

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Sophie Lapointe | Aug 2, 2021

Topics: Data Security Risk, Data Protection, Cybersecurity, Data Compliance

How to Automate Financial Institution Data Compliance

Here’s a startling statistic: 73 percent of businesses experienced a sensitive data leak in the past year, according to Microsoft research.


An almost equally surprising stat is that only 23 percent of businesses extensively use automation for data security, one of the most important ways for warding off data security and compliance issues.

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Sophie Lapointe | Jul 28, 2021

Topics: Data Compliance

How to Keep Compliant with Data Classification

Data compliance is a task that all companies face in light of increasing privacy regulations. For firms in the financial, medical and other more heavily regulated industries, though, the burden of managing data in specific and narrowly prescribed ways is even more pressing.

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Sophie Lapointe | Apr 28, 2021

Topics: Data Classification, Data Compliance