5 Tips for Reducing Cybersecurity Risk from Human Error

If you’re a security professional, you already know that human error is the biggest problem for corporate security; roughly 95 percent of security breaches are from human error.

Hacking attacks and cyber espionage capture the headlines, but the real danger for organizations, whether financial firms or retailers, is the spreadsheet casually left on an insecure personal computer, the password on a sticky note, the email clicked that should have gone unopened.

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Sophie Lapointe | Apr 26, 2021

Topics: Remote Data Management, Data Security, Cybersecurity

Sensitive Data Classification 101

Each day, your organization creates thousands if not millions of files and records containing corporate data. Some of this data could escape into the wild and nobody would particularly care. But some of this data created each day could lead to regulatory fines, the release of corporate secrets, or even a public relations scandal that could hurt or destroy the company if it fell into the wrong hands.

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Sophie Lapointe | Apr 21, 2021

5 Data Security Questions You Should Be Asking During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has radically changed business. Not only has it altered customer behavior, upended business plans and disrupted supply chains, it also has moved work to the home.


An Owl Labs study found that roughly 70 percent of full-time employees now work from home in the U.S., at least temporarily.

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Sophie Lapointe | Apr 8, 2021

Topics: Data Security, Data Protection

Why You Need to Manage Remote Worker Data and how to do it


Corporate data no longer lives in the safe confines of IT-managed data centers. It now often lives at home with remote workers. This is a huge problem for businesses.


Telecommuting and work from home has existed for decades, but the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend. Almost 70 percent of full-time workers in the U.S. now work from home, according to research from Owl Labs, and half of workers won’t return to jobs that don’t offer remote work after the pandemic has passed.

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Sophie Lapointe | Apr 6, 2021

Topics: Remote Data Management, Data Security, Data Security Risk

How to Develop a Data Sensitivity Classification Plan

Classifying data is an essential component of corporate cybersecurity and compliance. Knowing the difference between a highly sensitive document that contains customer financial information and a less sensitive document that merely lists product offerings can make a big difference in how a company applies security and data organization.

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Sophie Lapointe | Mar 15, 2021